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the bloodborne au thats always a work in progress but that we all knew i needed

name jade harley? probably.
age mid twenties most likely
☆ jade is an orphan, supposedly, a young girl from the wrong side of the tracks who broke out with the picture of her grandfather tucked into her raggedy dress. he's deceased and she knows this, but the mysterious nature of his passing haunts her.
☆ at the age of 13, she began her life on the streets. begging did little for her so she took to performance; not just dance or whatever might get people to open their pockets, but she learned violin. jade can't read music, but she can play songs from memory nearly perfect.
☆ growing up, she learned to fend for herself. she's not a remarkable cook, but she can manage, her frame is wiry but she still throws a mean punch, and she's learned her way around medicinal herbs. jade knows how to poison someone enough to cause illness vs how to poison someone to death out of necessity - the plants in the woods are free, after all.
☆ in addition to the above, jade is in possession of a white wolfdog; she encountered it during a cold winter and slept in its warm fur. it's since seemed to have concerned itself with her wellbeing and is prone to being overprotective of jade.
☆ in her late teens, she traveled from her "birth town" to ichorport. she performed on the streets for weeks until she had to venture into the forests to replenish her hoard; through the thickest parts of the wood, she eventually discovered a clearing and the vilebloods' manor. never really knowing the meaning of family and feeling herself almost accepted among outcasts who had sworn themselves to the queen, jade eventually decided to join them.
☆ this is basic and very messy but yeah ????? ill work on it ??
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backtagging: yes!
threadhopping: if it's ic and the thread isn't noted to be private, go for it!
fourthwalling: maybe ask me first but in general, i don't think it'll be a problem.
hard nos: sexual abuse. please don't come to me for plots involving those - i'm fine interacting with characters who were abused, but a heads up regarding their history would be appreciated, too.

hugging this character: sure!
kissing this character: i tend to prefer plotting this out but i can't imagine it being much a problem regardless.
flirting with this character: feel free, you furry.
fighting with this character: hit me up with the info so we can plot, but i'm open to it.
injuring this character: give me a heads up so we can plot it out!
killing this character: give me a heads up so we can plot it out!
using telepathy/mind reading on this character: just let me know it's happening, and you're good.

if you need to get in contact with me, a pm to this account would be great. however, my plurk is [ profile] walpurgisnacht, and i'm pretty alright with being hit up there, too.


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